Guided Tours

How did the Rhine Falls into being?

Our experienced guides will show you the most beautiful spots at the Rhine Falls and will tell you exciting things about the largest waterfall in Europe.

Schloss Laufen / Rheinfall

On a guided tour from the castle to the Rhine Falls learn lots of interesting facts about the castle’s history, the many different things it has to offer and how the Rhine Falls have always inspired people to come up with the craziest of ideas, how you could tame this natural spectacle.

Combinated Guided Tour

Rhine Falls and Old Town Schaffhausen

Do you want to discover the Rhine Falls and the Old town Schaffhausen in one sweep? Book here our big and guided tour.

Guided Rhine Falls Tour

During your guided tour of the Rhine Falls learn about both peculiar and interesting facts and hear all about the remarkable history of bygone days till today.